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What are teachers saying about Zingy?

"My 3rd graders love Zingy. My high achievers enjoyed being able to move at their own pace through the lessons, my other students liked that they could re-watch a lesson and bring their quiz score up when needed. I enjoyed the ease of seeing where my students were and being able to identify areas that needed intervention. I received a handmade card that stated, 'Thank you for challenging us with Zingy. Science is so much fun!'."

Therese Duffy, 3rd Grade Teacher, Ben Lomond Elementary, Covina, CA

"Our school (R Roger Rowe) has been using Zingy since 2010. Although we are a high performing school with the majority of our students scoring in the advanced category, we found that incorporating Zingy into our science program enabled our basic students to become proficient and our proficient students to become advanced. The simple animations in the Zingy lessons explain important concepts in a straightforward manner enabling all students to gain confidence with the subject matter. When we went into a distance learning mode last spring, students never skipped a beat, continuing to do Zingy Lessons and accompanying quizzes as they had all year. Starting off the new school year with distance learning, I am confident that our students will be able to grasp new scientific concepts using Zingy Learning. Teachers have the added benefit of having NGSS aligned lessons with automatic quiz grading... a big time saver! Zingy is a great supplement to our science program... I would highly recommend using it!"

David Warner, 8th Grade Teacher, Roger Rowe Middle, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

"We have been using zingylearning for several years at my site (7th and 8th grade). The interactive science lessons are well aligned with NGSS. I use zingylearning in a variety of ways depending on the class/students: whole class instruction, where I teach a concept using a zingylearning lesson on the smartboard, independent seat work, or as extension activities for advanced students. The lesson question guide deepens student interaction with each lesson and the quizzes at the end of each lesson help to check students' understanding. Setting up classes with a code is super easy. The best supplemental science resource!"

Karina Trujillo, 8th Grade Teacher, Compton Junior, Bakersfield, CA

"I've used Zingy Learning for several years with my 5th graders. It's a great supplement to my science curriculum, and addresses all of the standards clearly with simple animated lessons and quizzes. Students really enjoy the activities, and I like the way it reinforces the big ideas. Management is easy, and I can use the units in any sequence I like. I don't have time for online activities that are too game-y, so I appreciate Zingy Learning's lesson design. It's time well-spent."

Myles Mayfield, 5th Grade Teacher, Hope Elementary, Carlsbad, CA

"Zingy Learning is a powerful supplemental learning subscription for science educators and students. I have used it over the years and have seen the developer, Sharon, improve the site each year and to meet the NGSS disciplinary core ideas. This website works well on our iPads using the Safari or Chrome browsers. This rich resource works as a warm-up, exit ticket, reteach lesson, reinforcement and state testing review and preparation. The lessons are short and use visuals, animations and interactive questions to teach one concept before assessing. Student login is made easy and there are several educator controls to help tailor for your specific classroom needs. This is ready to go as a distance learning unit that a teacher can build on using backbone curriculum. Sharon is wonderful to work with. She replies to emails, calls and troubleshooting requests quickly. This helps self-contained educators who are not science strong. Zingy learning is an interactive learning experience for distance learning with rich content that meets my CA NGSS Standards at a good value."

Karla Orosco, 7th Grade Teacher, Akers Elementary, Lemoore, CA

"Last April, I was introduced to Zingy during our distance learning experience due to COVID-19. I really enjoyed the program! The topics were specific to our 6th grade standards and each lesson offered a quiz to check for understanding! Students also had the opportunity to “make it better” which was our district’s goal for students by having the opportunity to retake their quizzes for improvement! This is a great tool to have during distance learning!"

Lisa Cervantez, 6th Grade Teacher, Vista Verde Middle, Moreno Valley, CA

"At Victoriano Elementary School, we have been using Zingy Science for the last six years or so. It has served as more than a supplement to our science program and has helped our students better understand the concepts of these standards. Our students look forward each week to interacting with each lesson and find the program very easy to navigate. Thank you so much for your updates and support."

Doug Woods, 5th Grade Teacher, Victoriano Elementary School, Moreno Valley, CA

"Zingy Learning proved to be an outstanding resource for delivering science curriculum to my students, particularly during the distance learning scenario we were recently in this past Spring. My students loved the opportunity to self-pace and choose their area of interest. Student agency contributed to each one experiencing a high degree of success. Not many programs can produce success at all levels and abilities. Zingy Learning delivers content in appropriately short and concise chunks so that every student can navigate and manage successfully. All lessons are interactive with excellent illustrations and visuals; even the parts the students read are simple and straightforward. As a teacher, I had all the data I needed to monitor student progression and witness their success. In our Zoom meetings, the students regularly shared what they learned and how much they liked Zingy Learning. I have come to appreciate the Zingy Learning platform significantly and plan to continue using it when we return to the classroom."

Ted Richardson, 4th-5th Grade Teacher, Bret Harte Elementary, Sacramento, CA

"Zingy learning has been a wonderful addition to my classroom both at the school site and as a remote learning application. The standards are accessible to a plethora of diversity learners both in content and in visuals."

Judy Klein-Efrati, 6th Grade Teacher, Palms Middle, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for creating a robust science program that allows teachers to easily assign engaging NGSS aligned lessons. I appreciate having this resource for distance learning as students were able to navigate the program and see immediate feedback. I also appreciated the assessment portion and analysing the quiz data. I plan on continuing to use Zingy Learning for future distance, hybrid and in-class learning opportunities."

Vivian Luchetta, 5th Grade Teacher, Sunset Elementary, Livermore, CA

"Zingy learning was super helpful for me with differentiation and prepping for the state test. I loop with students and the state test in 8th grade covers content in grades 6,7,8. Starting in January of students' 8th grade year, I would devote 1 day a week (kids lovingly called them Zingy days), to Zingy learning. Part of the class period would be a review of what was learned in 6th and 7th grades and part would be "enrichment/challenge" made up of Zingy topics kids were not expected to know for the state test."

Jennifer Welborn, 8th Grade Teacher, Amherst Regional Middle, Amherst, MA

"This past year, we have used Zingy learning as a resource to our standards throughout the school year even in the actual classroom . Having interactive, easy lessons enabled the students to have a better understanding of the science concepts that we were teaching at the time. During remote learning, we were able to give students lessons to follow and because they were used to using Zingy in the classroom, it was easy access for them."

Brenda Neagle, 8th Grade Teacher, Ahern Middle, Foxborough, MA

"I've been teaching science to large numbers of 5th graders for over a decade using Zingy Learning. Zingy learning is an innovative online program for students to quickly and easily learn their grade level's assigned science content. Students participating in this program remain engaged as they move through each unit expanding their knowledge in targeted areas. Zingy's platform includes graphs, diagrams, and animated lessons to help students explore difficult concepts that cannot be taught from reading a book. It is an excellent teaching tool and students are able to work at their own pace on their own, in partners, or in a group of students. Students also feel success when they achieve 100% in a particular unit. Overall, I really like the way that Zingy Learning is set up. It allows students, parents, and teachers the ability to see the concepts that students have been working on as well as concepts that students still need to complete."

Sharon Riggs, 5th Grade Teacher, Fairgrove Academy, La Puente, CA

"Zingy Learning was a lifesaver for our fifth grade class. Our district has not adopted an NGSS curriculum yet, and we were looking for resources with lessons as well as hands-on learning. This met the criteria and had a scored quiz for the students to take afterwards. As distance learning approaches, this will be one of our valuable resources. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive program."

Sheila Baldwin, 5th Grade Teacher, Ben Lomond Elementary, Covina, CA

"Students love Zingy! The Zingy Learning program is engaging and interactive which provides students an enriching, standards-based program that they really enjoy."

Dao Liu, 6th Grade Teacher, Dean L. Shively Middle, South El Monte, CA

"With distance learning becoming necessary, Zingy has been a true lifesaver. It provides lessons that are clear and accessible to my students. They can progress at their own pace and revisit lesson material as many times as needed."

Kristina Johnson, 8th Grade Teacher, Windsor Middle, Windsor, CA

"Zingy Learning has amazing interactive lessons that my students really enjoyed last spring during distance learning. The videos are not too long and are extremely informative. I will certainly be using this program again in the fall."

Marina Gomez, 6th Grade Teacher, Suva Intermediate, Bell Gardens, CA

"I have been using Zingy to support the learning of my middle school students with special needs. The NGSS standards can be quite challenging but the easy to follow, engaging, and supportive visual representations in the Zingy program really make the content accessible. Moreover, during this time of crisis, the program has made distance learning rigorous and accessible."

Charles Bourque, 6th-8th Grade Teacher, Sierra Vista, Covina, CA

"Zingylearning has been an invaluable tool in the science classroom. It helps students review concepts in an interactive fashion, while providing educators with a solid assessment tool. In addition to providing students with immediate feedback, this tool facilitates differentiated learning, where the teacher can focus on students who might need additional support. Especially, in the age of online learning, Zingylearning is an easy-to-use educational tool for both teachers and students."

Ezgi Booth, 7th-8th Grade Teacher, Joe Michell K-8, Livermore, CA

"I have used zingylearning for years as a means to review for mcas and supplement my classroom instruction. This year it was instrumental in our remote learning plans. Zingy's excellent visual models and clear explanations allow students to independently access and practice curriculum content. They can review as many times as needed and retake quizzes to ensure they understand the concept. It made my life easier as well since Zingy grades the quizzes for me! Students would sometimes skip other assignments because they felt overwhelmed or couldn't understand what to do. Zingylearning was something my students felt like they could do successfully, so they would do it over other things I assigned."

Tara Tetreault, 8th Grade Teacher, Ahern Middle, Foxborough, MA

"I love Zingy Learning, it is easy to assign lessons, videos are engaging and students really enjoy."

Rocio Gomez, 3rd Grade Teacher, Rosewood Park, Commerce, CA

"Our homeschool parents and students love Zingy Science! The videos are informational and engaging and the content is well laid out for everyone. After completing the Zingy lessons students feel confident discussing the material learned and activities completed."

Hadassah Thompson, Science Teacher, Elite Academic Academy, Temecula, CA

"I have been using Zingy Science for many years, and what I love about it is how well it aligns with our state standards. But what I love most about it is how easy it is to use, and how much fun my students have while using it. The demonstrations are a great resource for modeling scientific phenomenon, and I appreciate that the students can retake the quizzes until they reach my target score of 80% or higher. It is a staple resource in my classroom for science."

Aaron Prysock, 8th Grade Teacher, Roseland Accelerated Middle, Santa Rosa, CA

"My students and I love using the Zingy Learning Program! Middle school science can be an intimidating subject for students AND teachers, but Zingy provides a way for students to access that difficult content through user-friendly, interactive presentations. The NGSS based curriculum is thorough, relevant, and well-organized, and the program allows students to work at their own pace. Additionally, the quizzes at the end of the lessons provide instant feedback for the teachers and students! This program is amazing!"

Tameka Taylor, 7th Grade Teacher, Suva Intermediate, Bell Gardens, CA

"I have been using Zingy for several years now. It is a wonderful program at an affordable rate. Students really learn from the program."

Lisa Cook, 8th Grade Teacher, Cockrill Middle, McKinney, TX

"With distance learning becoming necessary, Zingy has been a true lifesaver. It provides lessons that are clear and accessible to my students. They can progress at their own pace and revisit lesson material as many times as needed."

Kristina Johnson, Windsor Middle School, CA