School Subscription Options


All 3rd to 8th grade students


One full grade-level


New schools

All subscription plans include:
Student accounts
Teacher accounts
Administrative account
Phone and email support

All subscription plans expire at the end of the school year.

Minimum fees apply

Questions and Answers

Does the free trial year include accounts for all teachers and students in the school?


Can single accounts be licensed?

Not at this time

How do we set up accounts?

There are two methods to set up your online accounts:
1) Requesting for Zingy to set up both your teacher and student accounts. For this you will need to fill in the Zingy student-teacher list Excel form.
2) Requesting for Zingy to set up your teacher accounts only. Students will then create their own accounts using a class code provided by their teacher. For this you will need to fill in the Zingy teacher list Excel form.

Can student accounts be added throughout the school year?

Yes, student accounts can be generated in both the teacher and administrative accounts.

Can student accounts be moved from one class to another?

Yes, student accounts can be moved in the administrative account.

Can teachers download the student quiz score data?

Yes, teachers can download the quiz data in Excel format, and then easily upload it into a grade book.

Signing Up

To sign up please contact Sharon at: